How to Avoid Online Shopping Scams

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If you love going on an online shopping spree while enjoying a relaxing day at home, you might have come across several online shopping portals that seem legit. Today, with the onset of the pandemic and digital transformation, shoppers worldwide are trying to stay mindful of online scams. The accessibility to online portals, finding the required information, purchasing and selling goods, and the abundant volume of websites have become easier to access in recent years with the development of technology.

As we demand simpler and smoother processes with fewer clicks of buttons, we are also risking the chance of creating more secure ways to keep our devices and data protected. As of today, many online businesses and customers are facing concerns related to security and are looking for ways to remedy them.

The usage of the internet is only going to skyrocket as more businesses start offering their services online. Due to the increasing volume of online portals, there are higher chances of online shopping scams. Fortunately, there are effective ways to avoid such scams and protect your information from attacks.

Check the Site’s Authenticity

Do you often check the site’s authenticity while shopping online? Imagine yourself visiting an Instagram post that has showcased a few products with some prices that have caught your attention. You can open the site to see if it redirects to an official website or not. Checking if it has an official website with relevant product details, customer testimonials, prices, product descriptions, etc., can authenticate the product’s legitimacy.

Staying mindful of these website URLs and posts’ content and links can help you keep yourself away from online shopping scams. Also, whenever you are not sure about the genuineness of the site, do some research on it. You can check online if they have positive Google reviews and ratings. Most customers do share their feedback online and let others know if the site is genuine or not. Most importantly, check the URL of the website. A genuine website would include “Secure” on the website’s URL.

Keep Your Credentials Safe

You can either choose to save or not save your online shopping portals’ credentials on your devices. If you choose to save the credentials, try to use password manager tools that can ensure more security from cyberattacks and online shopping scams. These online tools are majorly free to use, providing you with a secure way to log in to the online shopping sites/apps that you visit more often.

Moreover, there are multiple fraud-detecting online tools that you can use to avail yourself of some of the best features that can protect you from online scams. Features such as alerts on sketchy notifications from online shopping sites, information theft monitoring, solutions to safeguard your online information, etc., can be availed from these tools. Also, try to set different passwords for each account.

Use Credit Cards

Today, most credit cards offer the best security solutions to provide their customers with the utmost security against data and security incidents. Credit cards contain technology that makes them convenient to use and at the same time, harder for attackers to hack into your personal information. Unlike debit cards, credit cards do not have the details of your savings accounts and they do not sync with your bank information.


It always feels so relaxing to scroll through and purchase your favorite online products and try out some of the new products as well. But staying aware of how to keep these online scammers at bay can make your online shopping experience even more exciting and fun. So go ahead and enjoy your online shopping and stay safe.

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