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How Travel and Hospitality Companies Can Improve Customer Experience

Building a stronger customer happiness rating requires travel and hospitality companies to engage with their customers and optimize the data to dive deeper into their given feedback.

Best Ways to Build a Socially Responsible Business

A study reveals that around 40% of people base their perceptions on a brand or company by understanding its corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Must Have Sales Skills to Stay Competent in 2024 and Beyond

Using the power of your market awareness and staying empathetic towards your prospects throughout the conversation can lead you to a successful sales process.  

Looking Beyond Customer Feedback – Customer Experience

Today, with various friction points in the process of understanding customer needs and retrieving customer feedback, marketers are finding some of the most efficient ways to achieve better customer experience.

4 Must-Have Sales Data

Revenue per sale answers one simple question - “Is my business doing well?.” The higher the results, the higher the profits.

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