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Today, with various friction points in the process of understanding customer needs and retrieving customer feedback, marketers are finding some of the most efficient ways to achieve better customer experience. Merely enabling a customer feedback tool is not enough. Strategizing ways to look and reach beyond customer feedback can risk the customers’ lifecycle and their overall experience. Hence, monitoring customer experience becomes crucial to every marketer. Ask yourself how often you plan and execute strategies to understand the reasons why the customers feel about your brand and the reasons why they feel so. This can help your surveys become more efficient and optimize them to a greater extent. 

Many marketers focus on grasping more information on the voice of the customers (VoC) that can be determined via phone, chat, email, social media, and surveys. The VoC helps provide the scale, required information, context, and actionable insights necessary to take your customer experience (CX) forward. 

Surveys often miss the mark as they are created from survey tools to get the numerical value of customer satisfaction. But is that enough? Using these tools as primary methods of gaining customer experience insights cannot fulfill the purpose of digital customer satisfaction.  

Why Surveys Fail to Receive Good Response Rates?

Due to the lack of personalization on surveys, many customers feel that companies and brands are not putting enough effort into creating surveys that are not automated and that include some interesting questions to capture the real emotions of customers. When customers feel that their feedback is considered only for the sake of getting “feedback” and nothing beyond it, they tend to lose interest in responding to them.  

Most importantly, the majority of surveys receive two kinds of responses: either they are extremely satisfied, or they are extremely dissatisfied with the brand.  Poorly drafted subject lines with lesser personalization can also result in lower response rates. Surveys are required to be short, popping all the necessary questions to help understand the customers’ desires. Unfortunately, most of the surveys are extended with a lot of questions that are tedious and repetitive, making the respondents lose interest and feel tired. Finding out the big questions is the key to every effective survey that can create potential results.  

Digital Channels Towards Mastering VoC

Multiple data sources will provide marketers with a better understanding of how to optimize the relevant customer data from the surveys and take the customer experience to the next level. Most customers prefer sharing their experiences over phone calls and web chat options. These are two great channels to interact with customers and many companies also prefer these methods. Nowadays, companies offer multiple digital channels for their customers to grasp more information about their VoC and to create better customer engagement. 

Digital channels such as phone, chat, email, social media, and surveys with low volume and minimal questions can help understand VoC.  


The best part is that your customers are sharing their feedback and experiences regularly via phone calls, web chats, and emails as well. Using the right technology and strategies can help you harness that information to drive data-driven decisions. To look beyond customer surveys and attain better customer experiences, you need to identify and resolve customers’ friction points as soon as they emerge.

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