Stop Making These 3 Sales Closing Mistakes to Close More Deals

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Not getting enough prospects to sign deals? Every sales representative has been there. We all know how hard “closing” can be. 

But you also know that closing can be hard but not impossible. After all, the good sales reps or the experienced ones are doing it. 

There’s some secret they know that lets them guide their prospects into committing. They know what works and what doesn’t. They know the mistakes to avoid that can bring them closer to success. 

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the top 3 sales closing mistakes that representatives commonly make which prevents them from closing more deals.

1. Negotiating With the Wrong People

It’s nothing but a waste of time to negotiate with the wrong people. It can’t give you any insights on whether the deal is going to close or what it will become. 

So, before you negotiate or talk about pricing and terms, it is best to bring together all the important stakeholders. They can help speed up your progress and help you close sales with the right people.

2. Not Accepting Silence

One of the biggest sales closing mistakes is that representatives immediately rush to answer their prospect’s response. However, what they should do is just the opposite. Silence can be awkward but not in the case of a closing. 

For example, if you ask them to meet tomorrow and they say they are busy. Then, you can pause for a moment before asking another question. During that moment of silence, the prospect will likely answer your follow-up question before you have even spoken.

3. Using Statements Rather Than Questions

Always phrase your closes as questions and not statements. The reason? Questions need answers but statements don’t.

For example, let’s say a sales rep is talking to a prospect and says, “It would be great to meet you tomorrow.” Then, the prospect could respond in many ways. 

But if the sales representative conveys the same thing in a question form and says, “Can you meet tomorrow?” Then, the prospect likely has only two replies – whether they can or cannot. 

So, try asking direct questions to your prospects. It will help you get a direct answer and close more deals than the statements. 

The sales closing mistakes discussed above may sound simple but you shouldn’t underestimate their power. Use these activities on every sales call and you’ll surely find yourself improving your closing rates.

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