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With the company’s revenue on the line, it is important to keep updating your sales knowledge base regularly. It can make the difference between your company having a successful business and being red in the charts. See how being up to date with sales blogs can help you get an edge.

Here are a few blogs that you should follow for the best tips and tricks.

Sales Hacker  

As the name suggests, it is “THE” blog to follow to get the code to better sales. With informative blogs on everything about sales, it is the A-Z guide to how you can maximize your sales potential. Not only that the blogs cover a variety of topics, so you will find something that will work for your business.

Whether you want info from the POV of a CEO or an Employee Sales Hacker has got your back.


Specifically focused on Email Marketing, it is a great resource for increasing your sales via mail. Make use of the vast number of articles that they have. Their “Hall of Shame” section is something people new in the field can go over to see what “NOT” to do when it comes to email marketing.

Their info is backed by years of experience and proven strategies that can be used by people on all levels.

Sales Gravy

Headed by Jeb Blount, the site features insights from the author of Fanatical Prospecting and other experts. You get advice on how you can maximize sales from the POV of a sales rep of an organization leader. This will help you advance your career in various directions, whether it be management or employee perspective.


Backed by 30,000 sales leaders, the site is one of the best sources of information on sales in general. You can get blogs on how you can get more sales from an organization perspective or employee too. As a sales recruitment firm, it becomes even more crucial to get in the right mindset to make sales than ever.

Predictable Revenue Blog   

Run by Aaron Ross, the B2B sales experts tell you tricks and tips to double or triple your sales. The blog includes the latest B2B trends and also how to cultivate an audience. Not only does he focus on community building around your product/service, but you will also get valuable insights into what you can do to sell to that community too.

LinkedIn Sales Solutions  

Contrary to popular belief, LinkedIn can be a great source for learning too, it is not only there to apply to different jobs. These short videos can accelerate your learning as the content is divided into bite-sized sources that are easy to absorb.

In the End  

There are a number of resources that you can learn from and these few will help you get started. Deep dive into the resources provided by them and level up your sales game.  Read them on a regular basis and see how things get better for you in a short time.

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