Best Practices to Improve Sales Operations and Accelerate Revenue

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It is the era of modern work. This new and emerging way of working has enabled organizations globally to change the way sales operation teams function regularly and what their customers expect from them. Achieving better sales performance and operational excellence has become the most important goal for every sales leader. To achieve it, the sales team needs to have a clear view of their customer’s profile. 360-degree view of all their customers’ information is the solution to attain that clearer picture.

Now, organizations must adapt to various capabilities such as workforce disruptions, seamless connectivity to support remote work, rising employee and customer expectations, developing trust between customers, agents, vendors, and partners, enabling digital transformation, embracing omnichannel marketing, etc.  

Most importantly, organizations are required to reduce repetitive tasks and enable automation to improve productivity, reduce errors, and stay agile and competitive. This leads to happier employees as they find more energy and time to focus on time-consuming and valuable tasks.  

If you are looking forward to trying out some of the best practices that will unlock better sales operations and opportunities for you, keep on reading.  

Integration of Data and Systems

Isolated information and departments can result in incomplete customer service and customer experiences. When your data, applications, and systems that you regularly use relate to each other and with all the departments, it becomes easier to deliver connected customer experiences. With the ability of integrated infrastructure, customer-facing teams will be able to develop trust with their customers and offer personalized services. 

Sales and operations managers can ensure optimizing content management systems for effective integration. They can also adopt AI to automate tasks such as classifying and managing customer information. 

Automation of Monotonous Tasks 

AI enables enhanced productivity and quality of work by automating repetitive processes, especially unnecessary paperwork. It helps reduce paper-based selling to improve sustainability and efficiency of work by removing challenges. It also helps employees to prioritize their tasks and goals, by allowing them more time so that they can focus on mission-critical processes. AI optimizes the power of customer data with intelligent insights for you to analyze customer history, trends, interests, etc.  

Single Source of Information  

Security is everything. Chaotic data infrastructure can lead to massive data incidents resulting in massive loss of data, customers, money, and credibility. As you adopt multiple business applications, you also need to ensure that security policies are perfectly postured to adhere to compliance. Various files, resources, and other types of content are dispersed across multiple platforms such as ERPs, CRMs, ECMs, etc.  

If content is not updated regularly or the updated content is not synchronized or integrated, then the sales and operations team will find it extremely difficult to offer the right information to their customers. Having access to updated information at all points in time is necessary to enable quality of service. Email marketing can be a component of this strategy, allowing organizations to communicate updates and information to customers effectively.

No one wants to deliver incorrect product or service information, incorrect status of tickets, or unexpected resolution time. Allow customers to enjoy self-service tools and easy access to your product or service details, for better connectivity and performance of your sales and operations team as they focus on boosting revenue.

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